"Born A Star Festival"

By Arvy Lim

"Born A Star Festival"

Dreams -- we have them, all of us do.

There are many reasons for those dreams and many seasons that we have them. Some last for a little while, some last for a long time, but the reason we have them is potential. We are all born with potential for greatness, and that greatness is in all of us. It’s said that stars are made, and they are, yes -- through believing, achieving, and being true, but you can’t make a star a star without it being one in the first place.

So no, stars aren’t just made, stars are born. Every single one of us. And it takes us to believe that we are stars before we become them to the world. That the dreams we dream can become real and true.

So let’s celebrate our stardom in all of of our facets, in all of our faces. CoolxDads, let us celebrate our provision, the caretaking of our families, of our children, because without them, we can’t be dads -- we can’t be CoolxDads. For that reason, CoolxDad has hit off our inaugural Born A Star Festival, created to inspire and celebrate everyone’s ability to chase their dreams.

We built this off of a foundation of fellowship through the inclusion of our home community in Houston -- but with America in mind -- with art, music, and family. This is a CELEBRATION of fatherhood. Let us rejoice that we have ushered in a new generation to lead and guide our fellow men and women to new potential, the same potential with which we ourselves as CoolxDads were born and have spread anew.

The Born A Star Festival by CoolxDad is also an intersecting celebration of African American Music Month and for that purpose, our partners at LG Entertainment and Don Julio have helped us to reach our purpose to spread the good word of fun, family, and festivities.

With a purpose to give our CoolxDads and families an opportunity to commune with one another and celebrate our familial stardom, the Born A Star Festival is doubly important for our musical artists, as we set the stage for local and upcoming artists in Houston and the surrounding metro area to perform as special engagement entertainers for our crowds.

Stars are born before they’re made known, and we seek to recognize our young starlings, Clarice. So, CoolxDads, the next time you send your kids to bed, whether you get to move them up off the couch after a too-late long night in front of the TV or you call just in time for bedtime while you’re pulling the night shift at work, have your young’ns turn on the speaker or the FaceTime option on their phones, and remind them of who they are:

Star light, star bright

The first star I see tonight,

I wish I may,

I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.

Remind them that they were born a star. It’s your job to keep their dreams encouraged, and when you do, they’ll be ready to make those dreams come true.

Dream big, superstars. You too, CoolxDads.



Written by Sandy Dover

Photos by William Isaac

Video by Francois Achan