#beacooldad series



Meet Greg Noire:
Greg Noire is the genius behind capturing some of the most introspective images in the live music scene. The father of two beautiful daughters, Ari and Luna. Greg Noire defines the meaning of being a coolxdad, a devoted father and community leader. CoolxHistory celebrates creative expression and what it means to #beacooldad

Directed + Produced By: Four Four Flat


 #beacooldad campaign - Q4 2020


Meet Fred Ago:
A father of 2 beautiful daughters, Milan and Yara. Fred is super talented with the 📸 and an even better homie! @fredagho.
The importance of #fatherhood is valuable! Our children are walking examples of ourselves, how do you plan to be seen in your family eyes?


Meet Kareem Day:
The father of two beautiful daughters, Piper and Dylan. He's an engineer by day and the creative genius behind the brand, "A Herd of Bison". @kareemdaay is a true leader amongst his family and peers.


Meet Robert Hodge:
The father of the beautiful Xara and a dope interdisciplinary artist whose practice explores themes of memory and commemoration. We're proud to call him an ally and brother.