#beacooldad series

 #beacooldad campaign - Q4 2020


Meet Fred Ago:
A father of 2 beautiful daughters, Milan and Yara. Fred is super talented with the 📸 and an even better homie! @fredagho.
The importance of #fatherhood is valuable! Our children are walking examples of ourselves, how do you plan to be seen in your family eyes?


Meet Kareem Day:
The father of two beautiful daughters, Piper and Dylan. He's an engineer by day and the creative genius behind the brand, "A Herd of Bison". @kareemdaay is a true leader amongst his family and peers.


 Meet Robert Hodge:
The father of the beautiful Xara and a dope interdisciplinary artist whose practice explores themes of memory and commemoration. We're proud to call him an ally and brother.