Our Initiatives



"Purple Hearts" - Community outreach activities in undeserved communities where active fathers encourage absentee fathers to get involved with raising their children.   

"Living Conversations" - In-depth interview series about fatherhood exists at the intersection of community, commitment, and profession.

"Knight's Table" - Fun team-building activities focused on enriching the relationships between members.




Financial LiteracyIt has been asked all throughout time, “How can a man rule the world when he cannot rule his own household?” Being learned in the skills of leading, guiding, and providing for children requires understanding of how household economics play a crucial part in their precious welfare.

Mental HealthStudies have shown that children lacking father figures in the home are likely to develop depression, anxiety, and learning disabilities. CoolxDad desires to help fathers address their own personal issues in order to help their children achieve optimal living experiences.

Business LiteracyUnderstanding the purpose of service through occupational roles is key in teaching children the value of purposeful and intentional habits in work, equity in employer-employee relationships, and respect for employment for the overall welfare care of families.