What is CoolxDad

So, what is CoolxDad  exactly? CoolxDad is centered in uniting father figures with their children through exposure to financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and mental health programming to underserved and historically excluded communities.

That all said, don’t get it twisted -- CoolxDad is for father figures that desire to grow closer to their children and families, regardless of ethnicity or sex/gender. You see our company name “CoolxDad” is stylized as such in our social media channels. The reason is that the “x” in our name is a proposition for our company to acknowledge all of the different kinds of fathers who have populated the homes of human history. The x represents all of the single mothers, stepparents, same-sex parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, brothers & sisters, family friends, legal guardians, and all else who have maintained homes where their roles as fathers have directly impacted the children they are rearing. How dare we exclude them for the simple fact that they didn’t seed the eggs of their children directly?