‘The Entrepreneurial Dad’: An evening with CoolxDad x Soho Works

By Kevin Barnett

‘The Entrepreneurial Dad’: An evening with CoolxDad x Soho Works

CoolxDad is all about the modern father. 

We’re taking lessons we learned from our pops, good and bad, and learning to be more vulnerable with our friends and loved ones, more present with our families, and more active in our communities, together. The idea that a father’s responsibility is only to provide financially, has, as we know, been harmful, not only for children who miss out on time with their dads, but for dads themselves, who rest all their value on one thing. 

Many CoolxDads are entrepreneurs, changing the game in tech, arts & culture, food & hospitality, and more. In CoolxDad’s first collaboration with the global network of workspaces, four dads came together Sept. 28 at Soho Works in Los Angeles for a conversation about balancing work and family life.


Four Black men stand shoulder to shoulder smiling.

The big question of the night was about balance: How do we make the most of our time with our kids – being present, engaged, and active fathers – while also pursuing business and career moves?

“What stood out to me is that it felt like all the fathers seem to still be searching/yearning for more insight into how to raise the children,” said Creative Director Bobby Joseph, one of the panelists. “It was glaring that everyone wanted to get ‘it’ – fatherhood – right. I appreciated the vulnerability from the panel.”

Two men sitting on chairs leaning over their knees. The man on the left, Kevin, is wearing a black CoolxDad T-shirt, burgundy pants, a black ball cap, and gray sneakers. To his right, the man is wearing a white ball cap and a gray sweatshirt. They're both looking attentively at some speaking off-camera.

Teo Hunter, the co-founder, COO & head of beer operations at Crowns & Hops Brewing Co., echoed that sentiment, saying he was grateful to hear the other panelists, which also included Black D, head of product at Monogram, being so transparent about their lives. 

“It's encouraging to see how other fathers are giving access to their lives as entrepreneurs to their sons and daughters,” Hunter said. “I feel like I have new brothers here in LA and Houston on this journey of fatherhood through CoolxDad.”

Many of the dads in our network are busting down the walls that used to separate work from family – in the best way. They’re including their kids in the creative process and keying them into the financial and business decisions they’re making, as lessons for the future. And they’re modeling for their kids what partnership really means: doing their share at home and showing love for their partner’s careers as well as their own. 

“To me, CoolxDad means doing the work as a father regardless of challenges, obstacles, and generational perceptions of what it means to be a Black man and father,” said Hunter. “Reinforcing core fundamentals and practices in being a good human being above all is our responsibility in helping our children navigate the world.”

Thanks to Soho Works for hosting us for the night. We’re looking forward to more LA collaborations ahead. 

An overhead shot of a cocktail menu and a bottle of D'usse. The menu features cocktails called "Real-Time," Cool x Dad," and "#FromUsToYou." A pile of white coasters have black text in their center that reads: Soho Works.


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